Collection: Wholesale Plus-Size Curvy

Wholesale Plus-Size Curvy Clothing

Our plus-size clothing selection is growing rapidly, with more retail buyers seeking fashionable and comfortable options in a range of plus-sizes.  Capella wholesale plus-size apparel caters to this demand, providing retailers like you with a variety of styles to offer their customers. 

Our Popular Types of Plus-Size Clothing
  1. Plus-Size Tops: wholesale shirts available in various styles, including basic, formal, and dressy options.
  2. Plus-Size Leggings and Skirts: Essential basic wear available in different cuts and styles.
  3. Plus-Size Dresses: Bodycon dresses flattering for many body types, suitable for casual and formal.
  4. Plus-Size Athleisure Wear: Designed for comfort and performance ideal for both exercise and leisure.

Capella wholesale plus-size clothing offers retailers like you a profitable opportunity to stock a diverse range of stylish and comfortable options for their customers. By purchasing wholesale from Capella, you are staying updated with fashion trends, retailers can provide high quality wholesale plus-size women's clothing that meets the needs of a growing market.