Collection: Wholesale Women's Bottoms

Wholesale Women's Bottoms

Capella wholesale bottoms includes various styles such as leggings, skirts, athletics shorts and plus size bottoms.  As a retailer, stocking these items in bulk is a strategic move to offer a broad range of fashion-forward options at competitive prices.   

Tips for Buying Wholesale Women's Bottoms

Capella wholesale clothing is a profitable avenue for retailers. We offer a diverse and trendy selection that meets various fashion needs. By partnering with Capella and staying updates with fashion trends, retailers can provide high-quality and stylish options that appeal to a broad customer base. Capella wholesale women's bottoms are essential for a comprehensive retail inventory.

Types of Women's Bottoms
  1. Leggings: Basic leggings and Yoga pants
  2. Activewear Leggings: Athletic leggings made with moisture-wicking materials, ideal for workouts.
  3. Skirts: Mini skirts, midi skirts, maxi skirts.